Benchmark Brewery is a family partnership built around a passion for beer and the desire to create a family business. After many years of successful home brewing, son's Wesley & Hayden influenced the interest in starting a microbrewery and with their parents desire to create a family-run enterprise at Benchmark, this opportunity seemed the perfect fit. With Wesley & Hayden currently holding full-time careers the brewery is managed on a daily basis by daughter Amelia and their father Richard, but has the input and influence of the whole family. 


Our beers are brewed by our female brewer, Amelia. Having completed her General Certificate in Brewing (Craft) she put many hours of practice in at the brewery to create our offering. With a previous career in Advertising and a keen eye for design, she also creates our marketing materials and implements the website and social content, all in-between being a mum to 3 daughters!



The brewery was named Benchmark in recognition of the Ordinance Survey Bench Mark engraving that can be found chiseled into the brickwork of the barn that houses the brewery. These marks were originally made by OS surveyors on stone structures to measure the height above mean sea level. Although no longer maintained, these markers remain on buildings/structures around the country until they are destroyed or damaged by erosion. The dictionary defines ‘benchmark’ as “a point of reference by which something can be measured”. The existence of the engraving on the building and its subsequent definition deemed it a fitting name for the brewery.