Sustainability is a driving factor in our brewing approach. Our brewing water is sourced from our very own on-site bore-hole and is extracted from a depth of over 120m (from rain that would have fallen over 100 years ago!), so we are not reliant on precious reservoir resources.


We produce our own electricity via 36 solar PV panels that feed into battery storage, harnessing solar gain for use when the sun goes down. Any excess electricity produced is sold back to the grid. 

Waste water is filtered back into the water table via a bio-digester system. 

The by-products of the brewing process (spent grain and hops) are either used as animal feed (our chickens love the grain!) or composted in the garden (hops make for amazing compost!). These by-products can be requested by locals for their own use - just ask us!

We are producing locally brewed beer for local consumption. By choosing a Benchmark Ale you are affirming your belief in the importance of local community and supporting sustainability for the future.